Photographer owns rights to publish images to portfolio and social media networks for self-promotional purposes. All photographs are the copyright of the photographer. This agreement does not transfer copyright to you. If you have paid me in full, you have the Rights to use the Products. You agree that the Rights to use the Products have been granted only to you. You agree not to transfer, assign or sublicense your Rights to use the Products, or the photographs contained therein, to anyone without my written permission.


  • Any cancellation/rescheduling by client must be provided 8 hours in advance of the shoot to avoid penalty
  • Any cancellation/rescheduling within the 8 hours leading up to the shoot will result in a $50 fee added to shoot cost
  • If Photographer shows up to the shoot and is unable to get into the house or perform within reasonable control (wrong lockbox code, homeowner is not home, pets loose in house), Client will be charged $50 plus 50% of shoot cost

Weather Delays:

There will be no penalty to rescheduling due to weather conditions, although if possible, interiors would be suggested and Photographer will come back to shoot exteriors at later date.


Payment is to be made in full upon completion of project. Check or credit card payment will be accepted upon Client invoicing.

Late Payment:

Any late payment shall accrue a monthly 1.5% interest rate each missed payment month. Please make all checks to: Mark Wayner Video and Photography LLC.


In completing a project, client will be subscribed to electronic marketing communication messages. Client will have full capability of unsubscribing at free will.